9th Dresdner Dragon Boat Festival 2000

Prague Dragon Boat Team in DRESDEN

9th Dresdner Dragon Boat Festival 2000

This year we had no time to paddle
to Dresden so the boats were
transported like this.

Prague Team paddling against the stream

to the start line on the river Elbe in Dresden.

There is Blue Wunder Bridge in background.
Another round, boats are comming back
after a race,
Prague Team is curiously
awaiting results.

Get off the boat after race - a bit wet!
The weather was not perfect this year.

Some rounds had to be raced
under a heavy
"Sport treiben, fit bleiben!"

But the rain brought a beautiful rainbow ...

Not bad! We were the 2nd in our Cup.

We have got a nice price - an ice cake.

The Trip Decin-Dresden and
the 8th Dresdner Dragon Boat Festival 1999

In the year 99 we made an adventurous trip:

we paddled from Decin(CZ) over the border to Dresden(GER).

Have you ever heard about dragonboats crossing borders?
Prague Team in Dresden on 27th June, 1999