>> Prague Dragon Autumn 2015 <<

Dear friends, sportsman and dragon boat supporters, people keen in Asian culture and also all others!

Prague Dragon Boat would like to welcome you to the dragon boat festival 

Prague Dragon Autumn 2015

We would like to invite you to the 11th year of the festival, that is a unique fusion of sport, culture and entertainment and that will be held on:

saturday 12th September 2015

in Prague at the Caravan Camping area at the Cisarska louka island.

This year program will be again filled with races and this year in new combination. There will be changes in the race types and as well in the program. But what is the same is the basic concept of festival that makes a combinaton of sport, culture and social event..

In the sport part there will be the traditional race of hongkong style boats with the IDBF certification. But also the unique race on indonesian dragon boats. Because of the synchronization with othre races we changed the short track distance to 200 meters. And as a complete new race we introduce the race for woman crew in small dragon boats intented for 10 paddling woman.

Festival is arranged for sportcrew but alos amateur sportsman as well as the company teams. That is possible because the races are organized in different cathegories according to team racing results.

Our festival is always international - In previous years we did have teams not only from Czech but as well from Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

The sport program will be again including the famous and unique  -Indonesian dragon boats race. As in the previous year the ceremonially equiped dragon boat from Indonesia will again sail on the water of Vltava river to give you the exotic experience..

Sport part of the festival will be including:
- race on 200 meters long track on hongkong style boats - this race in several cups 
- race on 200 meters long track - race of woman crew on small boats - 10 women in the team
- race on 1000 meters long track with a turn 
- "Tanjung-Pinang Cup" - race on indonesian boats for 600 meters with a turn
and a special event "The most enthusiastic team" - competition for teams and teammembers, where the most beautiful dress, the loudest war cry, the strongest fair-play feeling can get you a special award from our club.

More about races: HERE

Cultural programm

Prague Dragonboat Autumn is not only sport competition - it is festival of dragonboating. Therefore you can expect a cultural and social event where it is everything combined and spiced by Asian culture and tradition. What can you expect this year?

Awakening of the dragon - traditional dance exhibition that brings new figures every year. 
- Dragon dance exhibition
- free rides for children on the dragon boat through all day
- Lion dance performance 
- Exotic dances 
- Music from DJ during the day 
- Evening party music


Why to choose our festival?

- experienced organizer
- excellent racing boats with IDBF certification
- unique Indonesian style boats - ONLY TWO BOATS IN EUROPE 
- accurate time measurement with finish camera
- Long distance race for 1000 meters.
- clear race system with at least three races for each team
- well equipped sport area close to the city center with a beautiful view of the Vyšehrad castle.
- Food, drinsk and other refreshmens available at the place
- Dances and other performances

- Afterparty after dragon races
- the "Most enthusiastic team" competition

What are the inovations for this year?

- Short race distance is 200 meters
- Finish camera modernization - faster reading, higher resolution and time measurement accuracy of 0,02 seconds.
- Small boats in the festival programm
- Unique hand made trophies for the first three in all cathegories

More about programme HERE

LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Important note!!! The festival area is very well accesible by public transport (tram, bus, ferry) and there are limited options for parking of cars. Therefore we please you to use the Public transport in first place.

If you will come with a car you can park but you must expect the paid parking on Císařské louka island. This paid parking will be organized by our club - At arrival you will contact the Parking service that will tell you where and how to park. The parking fee is 30,- CZK per hour. Only cash and CZK accepted.

List of teams who allready applied:

* Team name - Company/Organization Country team description 200 m cathegory
1 CertiCon / Společnost CertiCon a.s. ČR fun /company team MIX 200
2 Timi tým / Sympatizanti Pražského klubu dračích lodí:-)  ČR fun /company team MIX 200
3 The Green Dragons / ŠKODA AUTO a.s.  ČR organized amateur MIX 200/woman 10
4  Pres-Li-Tim / SSPŠ Preslova 25 Praha 5  ČR fun /company team MIX 200 
5  Beetzseedrachen & friends /Beetzseedrachen & friends Beetzseedrachen & friends  DE strong well trained MIX 200/Woman 10
6 Jizerský drak / Jizerský Drak ČR strong well trained MIX 200/Woman 10
7 Převážně neškodný DBT / Převážně neškodný DBT ČR organized amateur MIX 200/Woman 10
8  Interoute / Interoute Czech s.r.o.  ČR  fun /company team  MIX 200

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Tue, 18/08/2015