>> Prague Dragon Autumn 2012 <<

Dear friends, sportsmen and dragonboaters!!!

Prague Dragon Boat Club invites you to the dragon boat festival

Prague Dragon Autumn 2012

Pleas accept our invitation to the 8th year of the festival that connects sport, kultury and entertainment. This years festival will be held on

8 - 9. 9. 2012

at the classical place on the Císařská louka island (Water sport arena) in Prague.

After last year experience de decide to enlarge once again the festival in two days to give you even more of the dragon feelings. You can expect that both days will be filled with a rich program including sport event, cultural performances and social events.

The racing part of the festival will consist from several sprint and long track races on certified hong-kong style boats (IDBF certification) but also the unique indonesian style dragon boat races. The festvial is open to all teams including sport teams and amateur teams who will be grouped according to their performance.

Like in previous years we do expect international races with participation of teams from Czech republic, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

The traditional indonesian boats race - The Tanjung Pinang cup - will be held once again. The beautiful decorated indonesiang boats will sailed once again and will show you a different style of dragonboating.

The racing part of the festival will include:

- race for 250 meters hong-kong style boats (IDBF certification)
- this race will be in several performance group including the woman cathegory
- race for 1000 meters with a turn
- The "Tanjung-Pinang cup" - race on indonesian boats for 600 meters with a turn
- recesive race boat pulling
- and the famous "The most enthusiastic team" competition - competition for teams and teammembers, where the most beautiful dress, the loudest war cry, the strongest fair-play feeling can get you a speciall award from our club

More about race: HERE

Cultural program

The cultural progam will include traditional and also new performances. Among many you can expect:
- Dragon awakening ritual
- Drgaon dance exhibition - a very new choreography with higher difficulty level
- Free rides on the dragon boat
- Exotical dance exhibitions

and a special evening surprise like every time. This year on saturaday evening.

More about the cultural program HERE

Why to choose our festival?
- experienced organizer
- international referee with IDBF certification
- excellent racing boats (IDBF certified) and unique Indonesian style boats
- accurate time measurement and finish line photography
- clear race system with at least two races for each team (in 250 meters race)
- well equipped sport area close to the city center with a beautiful view of the Vyšehrad castle
- recessive race and the "Most enthusiastic team" competition

In present we have confirmed performance by dance groupsKintari and Trn v oku

Festival program is still open. We are still improving and filling in the program to bring you not only the well organized event but also new experience, inspiration and lots of fun with other dragons.

For the latest news and program updates see this page.

The sport area and the surrounding are open to wide public. Food, drinks and other refreshment will be available at the place.

Further information about the coming event will be placed here. Right now we recommend you to look at the results and the Pictures and video gallery from last year of the festival.


Applying to Festival:
To apply to the Prague Dragon Autumn 2012 please use the following link::
Entry form 2012

List of the teams who applied will be placed here:

* Team name - Company/Organization Country team description 250 m category
1. Sparta - Kiev, Ukraine / Canoe - Sprint UKR organized amateur team open
2. PRES-LI-TIM, SPŠS Praha 5 CZE fun, company team mixed
3. DragonsCZ CZE strong, well trained team mixed
4. Draci MZV CZE strong, well trained team ???
5. Timi tým/Sympatizanti s Pražským klubem dračích lodí CZE Fun, company team mixed
6. Lustige PaddelGesellschaft Dresden - LPG/WSV "Am Blauen Wunder" e.V. Dresden DE not regural training mixed
7. Haná Dragons & Bazoš.cz Haná Dragons organized amateur team open
8. PPM Dractum / PPM Factum CZE Fun, company team mixed
9. U 96/U 96 CZE Fun, company team mixed
10. Indohusbands / Indohusbands CZE/IDN organized amateur team open
11. Dračí dech Hranice / KVS Hranice CZE strong, well trained team mixed
12. KOMETY Hranice / KVS Hranice CZE a little less strong, well trained team women
13. Draci pražské justice / Pražské soudy CZE organized amateur team mixed
14. Dragons Women unlimited - DWU / PDBC/DRAGONS CZ/DRACI MZV CZE organized amateur team women
15. Dresdner Löwen / Kanuverein Labuegast e.v. Dresden DE strong well trained team mixed
16. ProStatici / fun team projektantů, statiků a jejich přátel CZE fun company team mixed
17. INTEGrAL / Fa. INTEGA, Ottendorf-Okrilla DE fun company team mixed
18. Mondi Štětí / Mondi Štětí a.s. CZE strong well trained team mixed
19. Převážně neškodný / Převážně neškodný DBT CZE organized amateur team mixed
20. CertiCon / CertiCon CZE organized amateur team open
21. Dragon Board Velké Dářko / Windsurfing Club Velké Dářko CZE organized amateur team open
22. Satani z Doubí / Satani z Doubí o.s. CZE organized amateur team open
23. Městská policie České Budějovice / Městská policie České Budějovice CZE fun company team will not start
24. Pražský klub dračích lodí / Pražský klub dračích lodí CZE strong well trained team mixed
25. Jizerský drak / Jizerský drak CZE strong well trained team mixed
26. Energie Drachen / BRAWAG/ STWB DE strong well trained team mixed
27. Energie Drachen & Friends / Freunde der Energie Drachen DE strong well trained team mixed
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Tue, 12/06/2012