Beauties of Prague

Beauties of Prague

Beautiful scenes from Prague Dragonboating

Prague is one of the most beautiful towns in the world.
It is very hard to say, what is the nicest part of the town,
but for us, people who like water and boatsit is definitelly the river area.
There is a number of bridges over the Vltava river.
On the picture in front you can see Manes bridge,
Charles bridge and the Bridge of legions.

The most ancient is the Charles bridge which was built
in 14th century by the King Charles IV.
The surrounding area of that bridge is the place
where one can most likely meet dragonboats in Prague.
Here you can see - 3 dragonboats racing
the distance between Charles and Manes bridge.
The arches of Charles bridge work as starting
positions for dragonboat races.

Three Dragon Boats shortly after start.
Here is another snapshot of three boats in a full speed race.

Behind the Charles Bridge can be seen the hill Petrin.

A nice panorama view with almost full lenght of the Charles Bridge.

On the top of the hill there
is the view tower Petrin (on the right).
Can you see the Dragon Boats?

On this picture you can see the Petrin hill
completely with the view tower on the top.
In the foreground is the Vltava fisher's base.

Behind the racing Dragon Boats you can see
an outfall of the stream Certovka (next to green roof).

This stream is often visited by Dragon Boats
as it goes among the houses and the drumming
has a good echo there.
A closer look to the Certovka outfall.

And again a look at the racing boats.
Next to the Certovka outfall there is
Hergetova Cihelna (Herget's brickworks)located
(the building with the small tower).

The finish line is delimited by the Manes Bridge.

Behind the river the Castle of Prague
(Hradcany) can be seen.

On the Manes Bridge. The dragon Charles
is often walking there during festival days.

A beautiful view of the Castle of Prague
with Dragon Boats racing on the river Vltava.

Another view of the Castle of Prague.

A photo right from the Dragon Boat.
The Cech Bridge (Cechuv most) with
the Castle of Prague in the background.

A view from the winter dock of Dragon Boats

Cisarska louka island.

The Vysehrad castle under the setting sun ...