Festival Logo & T-Shirt 2016

The festival T-shirt. It is a small piece of textile that you can get on the festival and take it with you and remember all your festival experience every time your will take a look on it. We dont want to take away this from you and that is the reason why we prepare a new T-shirt edition every year...and well, this year a T-shirts edition...and not only T-shirts.

This year you will be able for the first time to select from differen type of textile and T-shirt. We have a collection of man, woman and children T-shirts and aditional stuff.

What will be the testival T-shirt in year 2016?

Festival logo

This years festival logo is build upon the basic message...This is the Prague Dragon Autumn - PRAGUE DRAGON AUTUMN. PDA - in short and simplicity - this is the festival of dragon boat organized by our club. Only these three letter are enough to bring you back the memories you will have about all your festival experience.

And as ussueal the dragon strength, spirit and enthusiasm is included in the festival. Therefore there is also a dragon in our logo - the dragon that interlace between the letters, absorbs each one of them and you can feel the dragon power from every single one. Power so big that even the sign "Prague Dragon Autumn" is steped through...

Festival T-shirt

Together with the logo we will show you the appeareance of our festival T-shirt. And what will be the color this year?

This year we chose the LIME colour - a bitter taste maybe but refreshing. I think you can not make a coctail from our T-shirt but you can refresh yourself by wearing it on.

This year T-shirt will be again available in several sizes and types.

You will be able to buy the T-shirt and other stuff inf the Organizer tent during the whole day of the festival.

Group orders in min. 10 pcs can be prepared in advance - contact us using the email (praguedragons@gmail.com). Ordered T-shirt can be paid and collected at the organizers tent during the registration of the team.



Datum konání: 
Fri, 19/08/2016