Festival Logo & T-Shirt

Tradition is a trafition and that means that also this year - there is a Festival T-Shirt!

Also this yaer you will be able to select from various size and shapes for man, woman and children...

Festival logo

We were searching for the theme for this years festival and logo and we found it - the "search" itself. Dragons is wanted!

You want to go training but you are not enough to paddle a big boat?
You want to race but you dont have enought team members?
You want to organize a festival but you dont have enough organizers and teams?
Everywhere dragons are missing. So we would like to help with the search for them...Well this years T-shirt wants to help.

Festival T-shirt

So the DRAGON WANTED Logo is used also on this years T-shirt.

Now about the color. The color is burgundy...yeah the wine. But it is just a color connection, no wine was used for T-shirt production....well actually some was used during the logo creation...but thats another story.

The T-shirt is decent, one can say official so you can wear it all the time not only to water. And it will be used as a call sign. And maybe you will find someone who will help you with the search...

Festival T-shirt will be available in the organizer tent during the festival

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Fri, 02/08/2019