Prague Dragon Autumn 2009 - Program and invitation

Already the 5th. annual traditional festival of sport and culture will be held on
12th a 13th September 2009
at the Cinda restaurant area on Císařská louka island in Prague.

This festival represent a meeting of both sport competetion and rich cultural programme. Festival is introducing the phenomen of dragonboating in connection with a long tradition and historical development of this sport in Southeastern Asia.

Few event from the competetiton program:
- race for 250 meters
- race for 1000 meters
- recesive race = boat pulling
- and introducing a new recesive race "single dragon" - one man race.

Highlights from the cultural programme:
- awakening the dragon - traditional ritual
- Dragnon dance show
- many dance shows provided in cooperation with Trn v oku agency and Kintari foundation
- martial arts exhibition
- Saturday night dragon party with music
- Surprise on saturday evening

Further information can be found on this web. All information will be continually updated. See

Invitation including the register form can be downloaded here: INVITATION

ATTENTION! NEW - Teams who have signed up to participate id Prague Dragon Autumn!
Your competitors will be:

* Team name Country
1 Regenkinder DE
2 Tragédky CZ
3 OK 007 CZ
4 Draci TNT-ťáci CZ
5 Oranžová tchýně CZ
6 MZV - Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí CZ
7 Timi tým CZ
8 Pres Li Tim CZ
9 Draci pražské justice CZ
10 Certicon CZ
11 HAKA Dragons CZ
12 Hung Kar CZ
13 Dresden Tigers DE
14 Energiedrachen DE
15 Ministerstvo spravedlnosti CZ
17 Indonesia-mix Indonesia
18 Helika CZ
19 ALD Dragons CZ
20 Dresdner Loewen DE
21 Pražský potěr CZ