Festival T-shirt 2015

Not only at the Prague Dragon Autumn but also later you will be happy to show that you have been part of the oldest dragon boat festivals in Czech republic - the best and visible proof is the special festival T-shirt.

The special festival T-shirt that will conmemorate you the Prague Dragon Autumn 2015. And how will look like this years T-shirt? We will start with description of the festival logo.

Festival logo

This years logo is about reflections.Reflections in the water. Prague Dragon Autumn is a big festival, event that takes place at the bank of the Vltava river. But all the paddle beatings in water, all the waves from boats and all the energy reflects in the water that hold the whole event. Or maybe it is that the force lies in the water and takes a reflection in the event that takes places on the bank and that it surrounded by the dragon force.

From what side you will see the reflection is a question. But in all cases it is the dragonboating that is stated as you favourite sport from the logo.

Festivalov T shirt

Green says GO, Faster, Speed up, Yes you can....RED says stop, slow down, keep calm, wait. Green and Red are also reflections or mirroring. What is allowed for one the other can not make. And what happens when these two colors meet each other.

By mixing the green and red you will get the brown color - and that is the color of our T-shirt this year. The brown with name - "Dark chocolate" is the basic color carrying the festival logo in natural color. 


Even this year the festival T-shirt you can get in various types and sizes.

The T-shirt can be purchased in the organizers tent during the whole festival.

Group orders in min. 10 pcs can be prepared in advance - contact us using the email (praguedragons@gmail.com). Ordered T-shirt can be paid and collected at the organizers tent during the registration of the team.


Information about the T-shirt: 
Manufacturer: Gildan
 material: 100% cotton, type Heavy cotton
 T-shirt with short sleeves, weight: 185g/m2 sizes: S-XXL 

material: 100% cotton, type Premium cotton
slim shaped T-shirt with short sleeves, weight: 185 g/m2 sizes: S - XL

In sale also the special limited edition CHILDREN T-SHIRT! This year even smaller then last year - so it can fit also small dragons

material: Heavy cotton, weight: 185 g/m2, size XS, S a M.

For all T-shirt the same price 5,- EUR

For the proper size selection you can use following tabel. Please note that the ladies T-shirts are different then last year!!! See the table for sizes!!!

Dimension in cm:
A - width
B - Length
C - Sleev form the center of collar


Lady T-shirt A B C
S 44 65 34
M 49 66 36
L 54 69 37
XL 59 71 40




Men T-shirt A B C
M 51 74 46
L 56 76 50
XL 61 79 53
Children T-shirt A B C
XS 36 46 29
S 41 52 34
M 43 56 37


Datum konání: 
Tue, 18/08/2015