The Team building

Dragon boating as a team building activity

Prague dragon boat club introduces a new teambuilding activity: The Dragonboating.

When a where this sport originated and how it get to the Czech republic?

History of dragonboats started in an ancient Chinese legend about a man that lived almost 2000 years ago. In the second half of the 20th century dragonboating spread from China around the world to Europe, America and many other coutries.In czech republic this sport was introduced in the year 1997 when first two ships arrived.

How does a dragonboat look like and how do you paddle it?

Dragon boat is 12,5 meters long canoe ship with a dragon head in front and a tail in the back. In the center it is 1,2 meters wide and it has 10 benches for paddlers who sit on them in couples. Each one of them holds a paddle and paddles on his side of boat. Boat can hold 20 paddlers optimum loading is 16 people. Rhytmn is given by the drummer that sits in front of the boat facing the crew. Steerer at tha back of the boat sets the course of the boat.

Why is the dragonboat suitable for teambuilding?

Dragonboats are almost ideal for teambuilding activites. It is hard to imagine another sport that so depends on team cooperation. Even a crew of body building champions can be beaten by a crew created by young ladies paddling in the right rhytm. People are siting close to each other, charing the nervosity before the race, the adrenalin of the start shot, the race emotions and in the better case also the happines from the victory. Team ghost is the essence.

What events can done with the boats?

Prague dragon club is ready to prepare an event of your needs and wishes. It is needed to count with 12 to 18 people in one boat. When there are two or more teams it is possible to arrange a competetion between them. Our club provides experienced steerers and also the drummers when it is needed. A presentaton about the dragonboat history a present times can be a part of the event. It is possible to arrange also a longer dragon boat trip at selected location.

Example schedule of a half-day event for 24 to 36 people and 2 boats

10:00 Opening ceremony with the dragon
10:10 Presentation about the history of dragonboating in world and in Czech republic. Safety rules breefing, fundamentals of paddling and synchronization.
10:30 Boarding
10:45 - praktical meeting with the paddling technique on the dragon boat.
- stroke technique training
- synchonization training
- start sequence
- rest drive, power concentration
11:45 Race on 200 meters track
12:00 Landing
12:15 Lunch in a raut form
13:00 Calling of the winners and Ending ceremony

Information material in PDF form here> To download. If you are interested, pleas contact us here Contact.