Festival program

Program of Prague Dragon Autumn Festival

Note: Final schedule of festival. No more time changes expected.

Saturday 11.9.2010
13:00 Teams sing in
13:20 Captains info meeting
14:00 Festival opening speech - special speech by charge d'affair of Indonesian Embassy
Mr. Azis Nurwahyudi
14:10 dance performance - The Dragon dance
14:20 Start of Saturday races - "Podzmini pohar" - the Autumn cup (1000m race)
15:20 Start of Tanjung Pinang Cup (600m race indonesian boats), Boat pulling, Qu-Yuan race
16:00 Free boat trips for children and parents
18:10 Tnajung Pinang cup finals
18:30 End of Saturday races
19:00 Evening program start - dance performance "Yapong" by Kintari
19:10 Awarding trophies, The trophy for Tanjung Pinang cup will be passed by Mr. Azis Nurwahyudi
from Indonesian Embassy
19.40 Dance performance - "Bajidor" dance by Kintari
19:50 Closing speech of the prize handling ceremony and introduction of the Evening surprise
20:00 Evening surprise
20:30 Concert - rock band Kungpao
21:30 Concert end – dance music playback
22:00 Closing speech of the 1st Festival day
22:05 Free party
23:59 End of the 1st Festival day program

Sunday 12.9.2010
9:30 Teams sign in
10:05 Second day Festival opening - Initial organizator speech
10:10 dance performance "Condong" by Indonesian Embassy dance group
10:20 Trn v Oku dance group performance
10:30 Word about organization of races
10:40 dance perforamce "Kayau" by Indonesian Embassy dance group
10:50 End of the Festival opening - transfer to racing area
11:00 Sunday Races start – 250m races qualification heats (International, Company and Algida cup)
12:00 Riding the dragon - a free boat trip for children and parents
13:45 End of qualification heats
13:50 Women races boarding
14:00 Exhibition race of woman crews
14:15 "Ruzova jizda" - "The Pink ride" - memorial ride of the BCS company "Dracice o.s."
14:30 Finals of International, Company and Algida cups.
15:20 Special Final race (100m race)
16:00 Festival closing - dance performance by Trn v oku
16:10 Awarding trophies
16:40 Dance performance by Trn v Oku
16:50 Closing ceremony - Dragon falling asleep
17:00 Oficial end of Prague Dragon Autumn 2010

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