Dragon Dance

Do you want to have something really exotic and totaly unusual in our lands?! You can order a dance exhibition with a original Chinese dragon. Dragon is a symbol of wealth, luck, wisdom and success a his dance is a celebration of this all.

Dragon dance group at the Prague Dragon Boat Club

Prague Dragon Boat club is since his birth trying to propagate the dragon boats not only as a sport field but also as a part of an old cultural tradion that follows the boats. And what can be more connected to the dragon boat then the dragon dance?

In year 2006 our club therefore brought to Czech republic an original 21 meters long chinese dragon. This dragon is used for competetional purposes during the dragon dance championships in Asia. During winter that year a dragon dance group was created and started to train a dragondance under surveilance of an experienced trainer - Jirka Vondrášek. In spring 2007 the first dance exhibition was ready for the audience.

Dragon dance group did act for many times in many dance exhibitons in all parts of the country. Dragon for example already visited AmericanChance Casino in Dolní Dvořiště, Foxconn company celebrations in Pardubice, several (not only chinese) reastaurants in Prague and many other places. The most exclusive exhibiton was held in the great hall if the Žofin palace in Prague during the Panasonic aniversary festival. It is said that he who means somethnig goes to Žofín. Our dragon liked the place and now it is dreaming about having an oportunity to dance in a buildnig across the street - The National theatre.!

Dragon can not miss our traditional festival - Dragon Boat Autumn. This festival is traditionally started with a dragon dance exhibition. And at the dragon shows it own 10 minutes show with all the spectacular tricks. Last years we have come with an improvement. The opening ceremony was followed by an exhibition of two dragons - The Double Dragon show. Double Dragon Show!

The dragon is brought to life by 9 people + one for the pearl that the dragon chases. Dragon dance is not a typical dance it mainly about the maximum synchronization and coordinance of the dancers with the dragon that is carried on wooden sticks. Dragon should be movindy rapidly but nice and smoth also. He knows a lot of tricks like a waves, arches, screwdriver trick...and when it comes to the exhibiton, it is something to remeber!

- Dragon is carried by 9 dancers
- another dancer is carrying the pearl
- dragon is 21 meters long
- The dancing area for the dragon must be at least 3-4 meters wide and 12 meters long. The height of the clear area must be over 3 meters.
- Dragon is dancing in the rhytm of an original chinese music, the length of the exhibition is approximatelly 7 minutes.

Photos and video links:
Dance show - Orient Expres - FOTO

Dance show Orient Expres - VIDEO TRAILER

Dragon dance promotion film