EXPEDITION ASIA 2011 - update 10.11.2011

Dear dragon boat friends. The time has to come for our team to return back in old known places. Prague Dragon Boat Club team is going again to challenge other teams in Indonesia.

In the year 2008 we settled on a journey to unknown destination - town of Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia - to take part in their dragon boat festival. At that time we even did not know that their boats are different then chinese boats we know. Our race results were not the best but we gained a very useful experience.

At that moment we said that we need to train more to come back and obtain better results in the race. The destiny was set. Thatnk to great favor from the mayor of Tanjung-Pinang we got two indonesian boats. Indonesian embasy in Prague helped us with the transport in Czech republic and we started to train and to race with them. Indonesian boats became a part of the traditional Prague Dragon Autumn festival - the biggest event combining the dragon boats and asian culture. In the year 2011 the festival invited 28 teams.

Last year we sent the winner of the Prague "Tanjung-Pinang cup" indonesian boat race in Indonesia. Team Pres-li represented Czech republic well and the team members experienced a lot of beautiful moments and not only sport ones. (report here).

And now the time has come also for the Prague Dragon Boat Club. Three years after the first appearance we are going again to Asia to the Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race to meet old friends and to get new experience. Our team consist from last expedition memmbers but also from new team members who came to our club in this year. But we are all ready to give our best to make the best possible result.

We are going to inform you about our expedition on our website. On this page we will upadte the information about preparings here in Czech republic, about our journey and about the events in Indonesia. Are you looking forward for it? We either!

10.11.2011 - Preparations in progess

Prague - Today we passed through the very last training before the travel to Indonesia. The conditions were quite different then the one we expect in Tanjung-Pinang. Prague today no wind, no waves, no sea and 6° Celsius only. BUt still we sailed on the river. But undressing and dressing in the sporto clothing while knowing that we will be wet and cold - a lot courage and enthusiams is needed. But have plenty of them in our club. Courage and enthusiasm is what brings us to second visit in Asia.

We were supported by second boat equiped with the Pres-Li tým members - the last year attendents of the race in Tanjung Pinang. Our farewell to the boathouse and finishing with the preparations for the T-Pg race ended very symbolicaly with them. We are happy to have our friends from Pres-Li by us. And now...we are just excited and looking forward to present us and the race in Tanjung-Pinang. Right now we are winner only against the cold wether and flu.

PDBC on Tanjung-Pinang Dragon Boat race 2008
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Fri, 04/11/2011
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