Festival T-Shirt 2012

New year of Prague Dragon Autumn = New T-Shirt. This equation is still valid also for this year. And how will the this years T-shirt look like?

Festival logo
This years logo reflects the fact that year 2012 is in the Chinese horoscope the Year of The Dragon. And not a common dragon - but hte water dragon. In this year the dragon dominates with his supreme and good powers like wisdom, strength, courage. But there is also the unstable element of water, that can be calm and quiet, but it also presents energy that can create and destroy.

Year of the water dragon presents the thin line, the balance between power of knowledge, victory and courage on one hand and on the other hand the mystic power of supreme beings, dark water mass and evil storms.

Chinese people wish to each other to sustain this year and all tests and to continue in nest years wise and strong. But also rich and lucky and happy. To express these wishes they give as presents small coins.

Our festival logo will therefore on few coins remember to you the legendary dragon, its Chinese symbol and the atmosphere of dragon boats and races. And don't forget...we are paddling in the year of the dragon!

Festivalové tričko
Festival T-shirt is made of pure cotton and the color for this year is the color of green apples. Black printing is made by the offset print to keep long lasting print.

Shirt will be available for sale at the organizer tent. This year we improved the sizes offer also for the biggest dragons. See our XXXL sized T-shirts!.

T-Shirt information
manufacturer: Lambeste
material: 100% cotton
men shirt style: men T-shirt short sleeved with round neck
density: 180g/m2
size: S-XXXL
lady shirt style: lady shaped shirt short sleeved round neck.
density: 210g/m2
sizes: S - XXL

Datum konání: 
Sun, 17/06/2012