Races and starting fee 2019

Races description:

Following races will be announced on Prague Dragon Autumn:

200 meters race
200 meters race woman cathegory - baby boat race
200 meters race MIX cathegory - babyboat
1000 meters race
Indonesian boats race
The most enthusiastic team


200 meters race: classic dragon boat race according do IDBF rules. 250 meters long track with alligned boats start. Steermen provided by organized. Crew of min 16 and max. 20 paddlers + drumer.
Race is in cathegory „Mix“ where at least 4 women are necessary.

Teams will start together in qualificaton. After qualification they will be seprated in Cups. At least two cups will be announced.
The organizer keeps the right to decide how many cups are announced.

Race for 200 meters of woman teams - Because we know how difficult it can be make a team of 20 woman we introduce a special cathegory of small boats competetion - teams of 10 paddlers and drummer. Cathegory - Ženy/Woman - 100% woman crew on small boats. In this race can also sign in a crew that is signed in the big boats mix cathegory with a special starting fee. See below.

- race for 200 meters in MIX cathegory - For smaller groups we will organize a race on babyboat that is for a team of 10 paddlers where at least 2 woman are at the paddle. This to make participation possible also for smaller teams.

- 1000 meters long race: Long distance race. Track of 1000 meters with a turn. Interval start of boats in groups. Steermen provided by organizer. On request team can use own steerman. Crew of min 16 and max. 20 paddlers + drummer. at least 4 women.

 Indonesian dragon boats race - Tanjung Pinang cup: Race on traditional Indonesian boats on 600 meters long track with a turn. Two boats in one race. Racing according the rules used in the town Tanjung-Pinang in Indonesia where our boats come from. Crew of max. 12 paddlers. Steerman provided by organizer. Own steerman just for team who allready have been to Tanjung Pinang.

The most enthusiastic team: competition for teams and teammembers, where the most beautiful dress, the loudest war cry, the strongest fair-play feeling can get you a special award from our club

Starting fee

Fee description CZK 

Starting fee for the Prague Dragon Autumn
- includes all races (200m, 1000m, indonesian boats)


Starting fee in the Woman cathegory 

- includes the starting fee for small boats races for woman teams (10+1)

3000,-  115,-

Starting fee in the MIX babyboat cathegory

- includes the starting fee for small boats  races for a mix team (10+1, 2 woman on paddle)

4000,- 155,-

Additional starting fee in the woman cathegory

- is intended for teams who are allready starting in MIX bigh boats cathegory and would like to race additionally with a small boat woman team

600,- 25,-

Starting fee with commercial company presentation


- includes above mentioned starting fee + option to place a banner, board etc. as company comercial presentation in festival area

10000,-  390,-

This price includes also the entry for all teammembers to all events during the day. 

Deadline for team registration is – friday 31th August 2019

Necessary steps for registration of the team:

1) Filling the Entry Form that you can found HERE

2) After succesfull submision of the Entry form (you recieve a copy) you will be contated by our organizing team with payment conditions description

3) You will pay the starting fee according you personal description

Starting fee payment:
Mostly we recommend to pay team registration at the organizer tent in festival area on 7th September. 

We offer to all participation teams from abroad the optional Sunday morning trip to the Prague City center on dragonboat.
If you are interested in this event please contact us after your registration on our email. 

Entry form available: HERE

All prizes are including the VAT. Prague Dragon Boat Club is a VAT payer.

Datum konání: 
Sat, 10/08/2019