Races and Starting fees

Races description:
- 250 meters race: Race on classical Chinese boats according to IDBF specification and race rules. Track with length of 250 meters, parallel start with boats line-up. Steersman provided by organizer only. Crew of max. 18 paddlers and one drummer. This race will be held in two categories: “Open” – any possible crew composition, “Mixed” – crew with 6 women on paddle at least.
- 1000 meters race: Long distance race. Tract with turns. Interval start. Steersman provided by organizer. Own steersman from the racing team is allowed. Crew of max. 18 paddlers and drummer.

- - Indonesian boats race - Tanjung Pinang cup : - Race on traditional Indonesian boats on tract 2x300 meters with one turn. Parallel start of two boats. This race is according to race rules and system as it is held in Tanjung Pinang city in Indonesia where our boats come from. Crew for this race is 12 paddlers, no drummer. Steersman provided only by organizer.
This race is under the auspices of the Indonesian Embassy in Prague which donates prizes and trophy for this cup. A representative of Embassy - Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Azis Nurwahyudi and other guest –will be on the festival in person and will reward the race winners.

- - One man race - Qu-Yuan Cup: Recessive race. Every team will nominate one member who race alone on a dragon boats against other on 100 meter track. Race schedule from teams who applied will be prepared.
- - Pulling the boat race : Recessive race. Crew consists from 6 team members. Two teams are sitting on one boat facing each other and they are pulling the boat by paddling. Race schedule from teams who applied will be prepared.

Note: Organizer retains the right to cancel one or both recessive races in case of small participating teams or from time reasons.

Starting fees

Fee description
Starting fee for Prague Dragon Autumn

(including start fee for all PDA races and food and drink for crew – max. 18+1 person)
7 500,- 295,-

For every other person extra pay of 400,- CZK (16,- EUR). Training equipment can be provided (for local teams) before the races.

Party fee is including welcome drink and entry to Saturday Dragon party with cultural program for all team members and crew. Separate entry to the party is 50,- CZK (2 EUR) per person.

Deadline for Team Registration - 31th of August 2010
Deadline for Fee Administration – 9st of September 2010

Entry form available: HERE

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Thu, 22/07/2010