Dragon dance at the Prague carnevall opening

On Saturday February 11th 2012 was the Prague carneval opened. It was during the event "Carnevall city opening" that took place on Staromestske namesti (Old Town Square) in Prague.

This event was started with a carnival procession that walked from Clam-Gallas palace in Husova street. Part of the procession was our chinese dragon. It was a great dominant in the procession and it was in focus of cameras and tourists, inhabitants and all visitors. But our dragon is happy creature and he did enjoy the event very much.

Several masks from different part of Czech republic were present on the carnival opening. Also a joker was present at the ceremony who obtained the keys from the major of the city.

Dragon gave a blessing to all the people, a pursuit of good luck, wealtk and happines the way that only dragon can made - by the dragon dance. The spectacular dragon dance was performed at the conditions of snow and ice on the ground and tempereatures around -10°C.

After the performance we made a walk through the Old-town square where we were victims of dozens of photographers, parents with children and asian tourists who shooted like on oscars show. We are happy that we can celebrate by this way the lunar year of the Water Dragon.

Thanks go not only to the dragon but also for the other masks and especially to organizer of the event.

You can read more on the web of the organizer - Bohemian Carnevalle - ZDE

And Media reaction are here:

Video here:

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Tue, 14/02/2012