Festival T-shirt

We prepared for you a special festival T-shirt.

This year you can choose between the classical men's T-shirt from quality cotton and Ladie's short sleeved shirt. This year is the year of sky blue color. Shirt is printed with our original festival logo - logo of Prague Dragon Autumn.

And how does the shirt look like?

About the logo

You may think that the logo is just a simple drawing. But the truth is that the logo is in real a sentence written by the wonderful picture script. This scrip called "Dongba" is a traditional script of the Naxi tribe that lives in China in Yunnan province. People of the Naxi tribe use this script for decoration of they daily used tools but also for religious and ceremonial purposes. And they use it for many generations also for keeping their history.

Logo of this year's festival is a reminder of the place of origin of dragon boats - the ancient China. And what the sign says? The interpretation of the symbols is "People - together - dragon - to paddle - victory". But the dragon here is not a creature, it is a bold dragon spirit, the mighty dragon god. And the picture scrip must be understood as a story so the free translation can be:

"People with collective power, gifted by dragon power and courage, paddle fearless to victory!"

Let this motto from the festival logo to be your motto to the races. And to remind it you can buy the festival shirt.

Shirt will be available for sale at the organizer tent for both days of the festival in the Cinda restaurant area.

Datum konání: 
Fri, 02/07/2010