Festivalové tričko 2014

During the Prague Dragon Autumn but also later there will become the time when you would like to express that you are proud being a participant of one the longest organized festival of dragonboating in Czech republic. From the first look it will be obvious if you will wear the special official festival T-Shirt. T-shirt that will memorate the jubilee 10th Prague Dragon Autumn. And it will be like?

Festival logo

This years festival logo is quite simple logotype. It simply brings you the message that there few interesting and important facts about the Prague Dragon Autumn. Three symbols. It is the beautifull place in the middle of Prague under Vysehrad castle and in the sight from Prague Castle. It is also the incomming autumn feeling of indian summer when we have the last chance to sense the sun and splash some water. And last but not least the symbol of the sport we like - Dragonboating.


And maybe that you will notice a small detail remembering you that this year it is the 10th year of our festival.

Festival T-shirt

T-shirt is allready there. Did you guess the correct color???

The color of the T-shirt is cyan blue - color with the name "Sapphire". Let this precious stone symbolize to you the color of blue sky or sparkling water. True and clear color that will bring calm energy to your life. The festival logo on the front is printed for long lasting performance.

Even this year the festival T-shirt you can get in various types and sizes.

The T-shirt can be purchased in the organizers tent during the whole festival.

Group orders in min. 10 pcs can be prepared in advance - contact us using the email (praguedragons@gmail.com). Ordered T-shirt can be paid and collected at the organizers tent during the registration of the team.


Information about the T-shirt: 
Manufacturer: Gildan
 material: 100% cotton, type Heavy cotton
 T-shirt with short sleeves, weight: 185g/m2 sizes: S-XXL 

material: 100% cotton, type Premium cotton
slim shaped T-shirt with short sleeves, weight: 185 g/m2 sizes: S - XL

In sale also the special limited edition CHILDREN T-SHIRT! This year even smaller then last year - so it can fit also small dragons

material: Heavy cotton, weight: 185 g/m2, size XS, S a M.

For all T-shirt the same price 7,- EUR

For the proper size selection you can use following tabel. Please note that the ladies T-shirts are different then last year!!! See the table for sizes!!!

Dimension in cm:
A - width
B - Length
C - Sleev form the center of collar


Lady T-shirt A B C
S 44 65 34
M 49 66 36
L 54 69 37
XL 59 71 40




Men T-shirt A B C
S 46 71 42
M 51 74 46
L 56 76 50
XL 61 79 53
XXL 66 81 57
Children T-shirt A B C
XS 36 46 29
S 41 52 34
M 43 56 37



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Tue, 29/07/2014