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Dragonboating. It's not just a sport of paddling. It is a celebration of team spirit, concentrated unity, essence of synergy.

It is an unparalleled sporting activity which makes people really feel being part of something, something quite unique.
What other sport makes 20 over athletes to be like one, in their desire to win, in their commitment, in their determination to outperform ?

It is not just about the strength or faster paddling rhythm, it is at first about finding the way of synchronizing
every movement of all paddlers. It is about finding the rhythm even the weakest paddler can follow, while the stronger still have enough chances to utilize their power. And this can teach people a lot about cooperation and teamwork.
It feels like a magic to see a team full of strong, muscular men losing race against a mixed team of ladies or tiny guys.

Dragonboating is a sport with more than 2000 years long tradition. This tradition originated in an ancient legend brings along a great deal of Chinese culture. A ritual of a mysterious dragon awakening is a common opening of Dragonboat races events.

The right Dragonboat Festivals are both sport and cultural events.

About Dragonboating:
Paddling on Dragon Boats has originated in an ancient China more than 2000 years ago.
The sport which brings along also many cultural traditions has started to spread from Asia
in 70's of the last century. After appearing in USA, Canada and many European countries
it has also came to Czech in 1997. From 1998 Prague Dragon Boat Club has been organizing
annual Dragonboat festival events. PDBC always paid attention to have a culture program
as a complement to the paddling races.

About Boats:
The Dragonboat has a dragon head in front and a tail at the back. It has 10 benches for up to 20 paddlers
who sit in couples paddling each on their side, left or right. The rhythm is being given by a drummer sitting in the front. At the back of the boat there is a steersman keeping the boat in the right direction.
A dragon boat is a 12,5m long and weights 250kg.