Resluts of the Prague Dragon Autumn 2010

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Saturday races

Autumn cup - 1000 m race - LINK
Qu-Yuan cup - one man race - LINK
Pulling the boat - LINK
Tanjung-Pinangu cup - indonesian boats - LINK

Sunday races

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>> Prague Dragon Autumn 2010 <<

From 11th to 12th September 2010 the 6th year of annual traditional sport and culture festival

Prague Dragon Autumn
is going to be organized.

This celebration of dragon sport, festival full of sport events, parade of cultural performances and a splendid fun event will take place in the Cinda restaurant and the surrounding area on Cisarska louka island in Prague.

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Vogalonga - The true story

Prague, Vltava river(under the Vyšehrad Castle rock), May 2010.

As a newbie i take the responsibility to capture the experience that even althought some times passed belong to the cathegory of lifetime adventure. I am and I am not a newbie with a padlle. On one hand my first contact with Prague Dragon Boat Club was on the photoshooting session on original indonesian dragon boats during the proud ride under the rock of Vyšehrad Castle. On the other hand soon I will be celebrating half century with a paddle in my hand. Both of these fact helped me to recruit mysleft to dragon boat crew. My thanks goes also to Eliška and Honza.

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Prague Dragon Boat Club introduces traditional Indonesian dragonboats

New style of paddling on boats without benches and without drum brings new life into the dragonboat classics. Indonesian boats have wide sides where you can partly sit on and party you need to kneel with your knee close to the middle of the boat. Wooden paddles are long and narrow. And compared to classic paddles they are markedly heavier.

Boats themselves pride on their beautiful large dragon heads and tails. The hull of the boat is decorated by the scale pattern. This together makes the sailing boat look like a giant floating dragon.

Therefore riding an Indonesian dragonboat is like riding a real dragon!

Prague dragon autumn - The event

12/09/2009 - 14:00
13/09/2009 - 18:00

5th annual festival of sport a culture called "Prague Dragon Autumn" that is organized by our club.

Invitation including the register form can be downloaded here: INVITATION


Prague Dragon Autumn 2009 - Program and invitation

Already the 5th. annual traditional festival of sport and culture will be held on
12th a 13th September 2009
at the Cinda restaurant area on Císařská louka island in Prague.

This festival represent a meeting of both sport competetion and rich cultural programme. Festival is introducing the phenomen of dragonboating in connection with a long tradition and historical development of this sport in Southeastern Asia.

Few event from the competetiton program:
- race for 250 meters
- race for 1000 meters
- recesive race = boat pulling

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