New year Dragon Boat Ride 2014

01/01/2014 - 15:30

Year 2014 will be started in the Prague Dragon Boat Club by the new year ride on a dragon boat. It will be the 7th year of this event. And it will be a ride towards the Prague Municipal Fireworks.
This year the fireworks will be fired from the hill "Letná" and we will watch it from the boat somewhere int the city center.

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Chinese new year - Year of the horse

31/01/2014 - 00:00
31/01/2014 - 23:59

Last day in January the Chinese new year will start.

This one will be the year of the Horse and of a wooden horse.

Horse in the Chinese lunar calendar presents on the one hand, industriousness and diligence , which helps him overcome a difficult situation . The horse is also a good friend to help you solve problems. On the other hand, it is a wild untamed horse, which can be also impatient . Among the negative features are also some demands on autonomy, which manifests itself not elected to undergo , prone to violations of order, and in extreme cases, the opportunity to run wild .

Indoor Dragon Boat Cup 2014 - Czech republic championship

22/02/2014 - 10:00
22/02/2014 - 18:00

We would like to invite you to the 3rd year of the Indoor Dragon Boat Cup 2014 that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Indoor dragon boat championship is a race where two teams made by 8 paddler are sitting in one boat, facing each other and paddling against. The boat is pulled in the middle of the pool and after the start commands: "Are you ready - Attention - Go!" the teams start to paddle. The team that will move the boats - push it - to the finish line wins the race.

New years boat trip 2014

It can not be any other way! Also this year our club sailed to the Vltava river to start the new year with traditional new year's paddling.

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Na této stránce najdete k prohlédnutí či stažení kompletní výsledky festivalu Pražský dračí podzim 2013.

This webpage contains full results of Prague Dragon Autumn 2013 for viewing or to dowload.

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Prague Dragon Autumn 2013

07/09/2013 - 13:00
08/09/2013 - 19:00

9th year of the dragon boat festival on Vltava river in Prague.


7-8th September 2013

Dragon boat races for amateur and sport teams. Races on Chinese and Indonesian boats. Long and short distance races.

Cultural programme with exotical dances, awakening the dragon ritual, the dragon dance exhibition (new choreography)

Additional information at the page:

We prolonged the time for team registration. There is still chance for you to join the festival!!!

We are looking forward for you participation!!!

Dragon boat ride on New Year 2013

01/01/2013 - 15:30

Year 2013 will be started in the Prague Dragon Boat Club by the new year ride on a dragon boat. It will be the 6th year of this event. And it will be a ride towards the Prague Municipal Fireworks.


V následujícím článku si můžete prohlédnout kompletní výsledky všech závodů Pražského dračího podzimu 2012. Výsledky jsou uvedeny včetně rozjížděk kvalifikace a postupových jízd.

In following article you can take a look at complete results of Prague Dragon Autumn 2012. Result include qualification and semifinal races as well.


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Festival T-Shirt 2012

New year of Prague Dragon Autumn = New T-Shirt. This equation is still valid also for this year. And how will the this years T-shirt look like?

Festival logo
This years logo reflects the fact that year 2012 is in the Chinese horoscope the Year of The Dragon. And not a common dragon - but hte water dragon. In this year the dragon dominates with his supreme and good powers like wisdom, strength, courage. But there is also the unstable element of water, that can be calm and quiet, but it also presents energy that can create and destroy.

Year of the water dragon presents the thin line, the balance between power of knowledge, victory and courage on one hand and on the other hand the mystic power of supreme beings, dark water mass and evil storms.

Chinese people wish to each other to sustain this year and all tests and to continue in nest years wise and strong. But also rich and lucky and happy. To express these wishes they give as presents small coins.

Our festival logo will therefore on few coins remember to you the legendary dragon, its Chinese symbol and the atmosphere of dragon boats and races. And don't forget...we are paddling in the year of the dragon!

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>> Prague Dragon Autumn 2012 <<

Dear friends, sportsmen and dragonboaters!!!

Prague Dragon Boat Club invites you to the dragon boat festival

Prague Dragon Autumn 2012

Pleas accept our invitation to the 8th year of the festival that connects sport, kultury and entertainment. This years festival will be held on

8 - 9. 9. 2012

at the classical place on the Císařská louka island (Water sport arena) in Prague.

After last year experience de decide to enlarge once again the festival in two days to give you even more of the dragon feelings. You can expect that both days will be filled with a rich program including sport event, cultural performances and social events.

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